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Project Description


Lion Country Safari

What we did

Logo, Print and Digital Ads, Billboards, Media Marketing Plan, Research

A landmark safari park changes its spots

Ideabar, Lion Country Safari and “The Palm Beach Post” formed a strategic partnership to attract visitors as the park prepared to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2017.

Using elements from Lion Country Safari’s existing logos, a custom font and a lion illustrated in-house, Ideabar designers created a modern anniversary logo.

The next step was to get creative. Ideabar’s team of graphic designers, photographers and writers went on safari to find inspiration for the launch of the client’s campaigns for print, online and outdoor.

Our data team used syndicated research to inform our marketing strategy to reach target audiences and meet conversion goals over the six-month season. Using this information, we built a strategic marketing plan with a special focus on holidays with high-traffic potential.