Lion Country Safari

7 03, 2018

Ideabar Wins Big at the AAF Advertising Awards

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Winning in Every Category We Entered. Here at Ideabar, we tell powerful brand stories. We believe an idea powerfully expressed incites action, and that the best ideas convert. 2017 was a year full of powerful stories, which not only resulted in big things for our clients and the different markets [...]

24 10, 2017

A Wild 50 Years: Ideabar helps local treasure, Lion Country Safari, celebrate a major milestone

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A WILD 50 YEARS Lion Country Safari marks a major milestone For both residents and visitors, Lion Country Safari – the nation’s first self-described “drive-through cageless zoo” – has been a must-visit West Palm Beach attraction since opening in 1967. With 4 miles of drivable grounds, as well as walkable [...]

3 01, 2017

Ideabar creatives go on safari and track down inspiration

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The Ideabar creative team donned their thinking caps after going on a Lion Country Safari. The most valuable agency creatives are those whose imaginations naturally run wild. Those employees naturally think of envelope-pushing ideas. It’s simply part of their DNA. But a little in-person inspiration never hurts. That's [...]