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Targeted Display & Mobile

Deliver your message directly into the hands of potential customers.

Consider ideabar your new personal shopper. We might not be able to help you dress for that big meeting, but we can buy the right ad impressions to reach your perfect prospect. Our in-house media buyers leverage a wide variety of tactics and targeting to hone in on the ideal media mix to make your display campaign reach the right person at the right time on the right device creating the maximum impact.

Programmatic, audience extension, real time bidding, call it what you want, what’s most important is that you’re reaching the right audience. As a Cox Media Group company, we have access to the best technologies, platforms and talent, and we aren’t afraid to use them.

All of our campaigns include a custom mix of strategies based on your goals. Some of the tactics we use include: Retargeting • Facebook Advertising • Private Market Places • Mobile Targeting • Display • Video and OTT • Website Targeting • Hyperlocal

Stay top of mind

Don’t let your marketing strategy end once someone clicks on your ad, stay top-of-mind by engaging them on the web as well as on Facebook with a retargeting campaign.

Real-life retargeting

New mobile technology allows you to track who visited your business and then provides you the opportunity to target them on Facebook to increase customer loyalty.

Data-driven placement

Leveraging first and third party data we are able to pinpoint your target audience based on the sites they visit, the content they read, and their online behavior.

Real-time targeting

Using data intelligence provided by our app network, we are able to pinpoint a user’s specific GPS location throughout their day, making sure your ad is served to the right person, at the right time, and at the right place. Gone are the days of the static geo-fence.

Exclusive access to CMG’s inventory

Cox Media Group owns and operates local media websites across the country and as a CMG property, we have exclusive access to these loyal audiences.

Private marketplaces

Need to reach a very specific audience? No problem, Ideabar can create a PMP to connect you with top publishers.

Video that converts

Our video production teams specialize in creating dynamic creative that demands attention and converts customers.

We hyper-target your audience

Eliminate wasted ad dollars by leveraging highly targeted strategies. Our media buyers can target and reach your audience by demographic, location, interest, topics, publishers, and more.

In-house media buyers

Our in-house media buyers work with you every step of the way to create a fully customized campaign designed to meet your digital goals.


Let’s Work Together.

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