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Social Media Advertising

Utilize the powerful targeting capabilities of social media platforms to reach more potential customers.

Social Media Advertising is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. No longer can you rely solely on “fans” and “likes,” in order to spread the message of your business. By leveraging the powerful data and targeting opportunities within social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can maximize the reach and impact of your message. As a Cox Media Group subsidiary, Ideabar has direct access to Facebook which allows us insight into best practices, new tools, and the latest updates.

Local Expertise

Our in-house team of dedicated media buyers have run hundreds of local, national and international campaigns across a wide varieties of industries.

High-touch Service

We don’t believe in “set it and forget it,” all of our campaigns benefit from creative A/B testing and weekly analysis and optimization to increase results.

Goal Oriented Strategies

We custom build every social media advertising campaign leveraging the targeting and tactics that will most effectively reach your goals.

Custom Audiences

We leverage your audience data to create sophisticated custom audiences that enhance the targeting of your campaigns to reach the people most likely to take action.

Social Media Management

In addition to social media advertising, we also offer social media management and content curation to ensure your message is cohesive and best representing your brand.


Let’s Work Together.

Want to collaborate with the Ideabar team? Tell us what you’re thinking, and we’ll gladly get back to you.