The Natural-Minded Consumer

Winning in the natural category is second nature to us

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We believe in brands that give natural-minded consumers choices in the pursuit of personal wellness and a cleaner world. We know what motivates Supernatural and Healthy-ish consumers to engage, buy and advocate for purpose-driven brands. And our strategists have a view into what this consumer will want 18 months from now.

Blockchain for Beginners

 What exactly is blockchain technology? And how can it help your brand attract natural-minded consumers who demand authenticity?

The ABCs of the CBD consumer

In Ideabar’s pursuit of a natural-minded consumer across industries, and in our groundbreaking work in the cannabis space, we’ve gotten to know the CBD consumer well.

5 things challenger energy bar brands should know

Ideabar’s proprietary research uncovered insights into the energy bar market. Want to know more?  Read our blog.

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