We love what we do so much and enjoy such a positive culture, that we attract a world-class team of marketing professionals.

allow us to introduce ourselves …

  • Amy Royster
    Amy Royster
  • Dan Hanrahan
    Dan Hanrahan
  • Hillary Small
    Hillary Small
    Director of Business Development
  • Tonya Speciale
    Tonya Speciale
    Creative Director
  • Avi Schaeffer
    Avi Schaeffer
    Creative Director
  • Chadi Irani
    Chadi Irani
    Digital Strategy
  • Kevin Blandon
    Kevin Blandon
    Art Director
  • James T. Brown
    James T. Brown
    Web Development Director
  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez
    Art Director
  • Daniel Loyd
    Daniel Loyd
    Executive Video Producer
  • Michelle Bernzweig
    Michelle Bernzweig
    Projects Manager
  • Gwen Berry
    Gwen Berry
    B2B & Data-Driven Marketing Manager
  • Mae Ferguson
    Mae Ferguson
    New Business Development Account Executive
  • Dan Nichols
    Dan Nichols
    Multimedia Account Manager
  • Bryan Glynn
    Bryan Glynn
    Digital Services & Ops Manager
  • Courtney Ricks
    Courtney Ricks
    Digital Sales Manager
  • Marcela Sikora
    Marcela Sikora
    Digital Account Manager
  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith
    Account Manager
  • Paige Canady
    Paige Canady
    Account Manager
  • Nikole Alcazar
    Nikole Alcazar
    Digital Campaign Planner
  • Mariel Rosenwasser
    Mariel Rosenwasser
    Senior Marketing Account Manager
  • Cory Capps
    Cory Capps
    Senior Marketing Account Manager
  • Emily Nolan
    Emily Nolan
    Business Development
  • Lizzi Bickford
    Lizzi Bickford
    Marketing Consultant & Notables Editor
  • Keith Merritt
    Keith Merritt
    Marketing Account Manager
  • Renata Maia de Needell
    Renata Maia de Needell
    B2B & Market Research Analyst
  • Jennifer Cooper
    Jennifer Cooper
    Research Analyst
  • Staci Sturrock
    Staci Sturrock
    Senior Marketing Writer and Content Editor
  • Steve Dorfman
    Steve Dorfman
  • Drew Carr
    Drew Carr
    Content and Copywriter
  • Serena Hicks
    Serena Hicks
    Sponsored Experience Producer
  • Alexandra Boudet
    Alexandra Boudet
    Digital Services Sales Manager
  • Angelina Stewart
    Angelina Stewart
    Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Madelon (Mattie) Ziska
    Madelon (Mattie) Ziska
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Jim Beriau
    Jim Beriau
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Jenna Lehtola
    Jenna Lehtola
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Kim Harrington
    Kim Harrington
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Evan Roberts
    Evan Roberts
    Video Producer
  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia
    Graphic Designer
  • Daniel Sauceda
    Daniel Sauceda
    Graphic Designer
  • Tom Kirkpatrick
    Tom Kirkpatrick
    Graphic Designer
  • Annie Mayer
    Annie Mayer
    Graphic Designer
  • Jo Rose
    Jo Rose
  • Kevin Van Der Werff
    Kevin Van Der Werff
    Page Designer

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