Five Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Business

Marketing strategy

Effective marketing boosts brands and your bottom line. When it comes to launching a strategic marketing campaign that aligns specifically with your brand and speaks the language of your unique tribe, we implore you: Don’t grow it alone.

Marketing is a dynamic aspect of business. What works best and how it can affect your business is a constant subject of concern. Whether you’re just starting out or need to breathe new life into your game plan, using a digital marketing agency that understands just how an idea powerfully expressed incites action is critical.

At Ideabar, we get it. The best ideas convert: Clients engage, tickets sell, students register, buyers decide, patients recall, donors care, minds change. We know that every organization has a valuable story to tell – one that impacts the bottom line. We tell powerful brand stories through marketing + media services. We are Data Geeks, Brand Builders, Creative Professionals, Media Strategists, Digital Natives – Storytellers fluent in all media. We’ll work with you, helping to plan and manage successful marketing strategies. Come to Ideabar. Own your story.

Read on and discover five insightful ways to use marketing strategies to improve your business.

Maximize Social Media

Let’s all take a collective knee to the power of social media. Never ignore or underestimate this powerful tool that has given rise to YouTubers, lifting them to celebrity status while taking down the rich and famous for one socially unacceptable tweet.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are incredibly useful marketing tools. Some businesses have even been built on the foundation of social media. Post thoughts, product shots and anything else that’s relevant for customers to learn more about your business and industry. Just remember to be authentic while matching your company’s brand narrative and voice.

Create Video Tutorials

Everyone loves a “how to” video. We sit mesmerized, watching someone show us how to expertly apply makeup or decorate a cake. We routinely turn to video for the more mundane needs, like finding out how to change the water filter on your fridge. One of the most effective ways to increase your business’s online presence and get the word out is to create video tutorials. Teach people something helpful about your industry. Give them step-by-step instructions. Maximize the power of YouTube by developing and uploading videos that are not only helpful but also provide personal insight into your business’s values and mission.

Start Blogging

If you don’t already have a blog for your business, you need to start one – pronto.  This means more than just creating content. You need to blog effectively. When you share an entry, it needs to have value. By sharing useful information, you become an authority figure in the eyes of your audience. An influencer.

To gain more influence and credibility, start authority blogging. Answer questions about your industry on Quora and Reddit. Post on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn; these are authority domains that anyone can post on, giving you access to a large audience.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

Online content means nothing unless people can see it. Today, both speed and efficiency are a priority. The modern consumer rarely ventures past Page 3 of Google search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) may be frightening to many, but it’s also incredibly useful if you learn to use it the right way; this means building trust with a search engine and sharing detailed, valuable content with the end user.

SEO is more than just stuffing key words into your blog:

It’s about making sure your website is operating at optimum speed.

It means linking to the right websites that have been researched and provide valuable, relevant content.

It’s making sure your content is actually written for human consumption – not just search engines.

It means tracking – having web analytics set up while clearly defining your search engine optimization goals.

Knowing that your URLs count – they need to have meaning and be readable.

Mega meta matters – you’ll need to uniquely craft meta descriptions for each and every page.

Roger Dean Stadium used their website redesign as a chance for Ideabar to up their SEO game.

Leverage Influencers

If you want to boost your visibility on social media without taking years to build a stable audience, consider leveraging influencers. That doesn’t mean just choosing the influencer with the most followers. You need to really do some research finding one that fits your niche, so that you’re targeting the right audience. Working with influencers can help you gain a decent audience at a reasonable price.

If keeping up with the needs of marketing seems a little overwhelming, send out a shout. Ideabar is a Marketing + Media Agency by Cox Media Group with expertise in Research + Branding + Creative + Digital. Our clients benefit from our modern mix of boutique marketing services and advanced media solutions backed by one of the world’s largest private media companies. That’s our story. What’s yours?

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