Reasons Digital Advertising Is Important for Your Business

Digital advertising


Face it, before you buy that ginormous flat screen TV or hire a dogwalker for your favorite fur baby, the first thing you’ll most likely do is hit the internet and do a little research. You’re not alone. According to a study by Retailing Today, more than 80 percent of shoppers use the internet to research products and services before making a large purchase.

As a business owner, you can tap into that natural curiosity and reach that ever-growing market of online consumers with a secret weapon — a digital advertising agency, preferably one filled with Data Geeks, Brand Builders, Creative Professionals, Media Strategists, Digital Natives and Storytellers fluent in all media, like the peeps at Ideabar.

Today, digital advertising is critical for connecting brands to buyers. Read on to learn more about how to reach your customers online.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Major companies like Coca-Cola and Ford Motors can afford to invest more in traditional marketing like television and print. However, this is a challenge for small businesses and startups. By creating a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, you can start connecting to your local community members for free.

Small investments in social media advertising can help you reach more people and stay within your budget. Facebook, for example, uses cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns that allow you to set daily maximums. Reaching out to a few hundred people a week can increase your potential of going viral through social media sharing. If social media users like what you have to offer, they will often share their experience, which means free advertising for your brand.

Reaching Targeted Audiences

If you want to reach potential customers, you have to go where they live. These days, that’s online. More than 70 percent of the world’s population is online, with 81 percent of Americans surfing the ‘net for both business and pleasure. One of the largest audiences on the internet and social media is millennials, the generation that spans the ages between 20 and 40.

Today we can use social media analytics to give you detailed statistics about the age range and motivating factors of the people visiting your page, while website analytics can tell you how long a person spends perusing your website. With this vital information, you can adjust your marketing strategy to speak directly to your tribes as well as reach new audiences.

New and Improved Ad Formats

As technology is constantly changing, so are the software programs behind ad campaigns. Ten years ago, websites relied heavily on Flash Player to create interactive websites and engage new customers. Today, digital advertising technology allows Instagram users to shop from their favorite platform without even being transferred to another site to complete transactions. Facebook’s Collections feature links users directly to the product’s website with a single click.

Take your business to the next level and reach clients around the corner and around the world – like Elysee Miami, a luxury residential tower that hired Ideabar to help target potential buyers in South Florida and in countries throughout South America.

By partnering your business with a digital advertising agency like Ideabar, you’ll gain access to the latest in digital technology as well as wildly creative ways to connect with customers.

No matter what widgets you sell or services you offer, Ideabar generates the kind of ideas that powerfully express your brand and incite action. We believe the best ideas convert. They cause clients to engage, tickets to sell, students to register, buyers to decide, patients to recall, donors to care and minds to change. Combining technology and creativity allows us to measure success by our client’s ROI and their smiling faces.

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