Web Designer’s Guide to Marketing Your Business

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When web designers partner with marketing experts, branding magic happens. As a web designer, you spend your time blending art and technology into sites that are visually stunning and easy to navigate – that demonstrate the best of what a company has to offer. But when it comes to building your own brand, it can be a bit more challenging to focus on yourself.

Every web designer knows what goes into constructing a great site — creativity and artistry. Both are vital components, and while many of your talents can be leveraged to help you market your own business, working with a wildly creative marketing team like the one at Ideabar can fill in the gaps, so that you will own your story. We tell powerful brand stories through marketing + media services that will lead you to find more than just a receptive audience – instead you’ll find the ones that will beat a path directly to your door.

We are Data Geeks, Brand Builders, Creative Professionals, Media Strategists, Digital Natives – Storytellers fluent in all media.

Read on for more information on how web designer can market their own business.

Show Off

Creative types are taught from a young age not to go around tooting their own horns, but take it from us, if you want to really market your skills, you’ll need to get honking. One of the best ways to show the world just what you’ve got is to build an online portfolio. Not only will the portfolio speak volumes about your abilities, but if you infuse your past projects with good information about how your work brought tangible, verifiable results, it could easily lead to future work. People always want to see examples of your work, so flesh out your portfolio with your greatest hits, so that whoever is perusing your portfolio will know just what they can expect from working with you. Provide a nice variety so that people in various industries can see what you do and see themselves in your work. This leaves nothing to your future client’s imagination. They’ll know this is something you’ve done before, and your portfolio shows you’ve handled it with expertise while expressing the company’s unique style.

Reimagine Yourself

Working in a creative field that changes as technology changes makes for a great opportunity to show your inner Madonna. Show off just how you’ve reinvented yourself through the years. Tell your story. Show future clients how you worked within your sphere years ago and explain how you’ve managed to change with the times by doing things differently. This demonstrates your flexibility and lets the world know you’re not one to rest on your laurels. Providing real-world examples of how you continue to grow and advance reveals how you’ve managed to go from good to great. That you’re ever-evolving and learning. This is exactly why you’re the one… The kind of web designer that an up-and-coming innovator wants to have on their team.

Coordinate Partnerships

As a web designer, you have knowledge and abilities that many people find both interesting and valuable. Share it. Think about some of the most relevant topics in your industry today or, even better, think of some of its unique challenges and then tell us how you solved them. These musings translate easily into blog posts that industry insiders are interested in. Thought leaders and companies are always looking for compelling or helpful content, so offering yours up as a guest blog post would be a welcome change of pace. Providing a bit of free content in exchange for a link to your online portfolio can be an effective way to spark interest and spread the word. Every bit of positive exposure can be helpful. It also helps brand you as a voice of authority in the field.

Share Stories

Testimonials are beneficial because they reveal feedback from actual customers. Endorsements and customer reviewers are generally considered trustworthy. Including links and images of the related work can be another way to promote what you can do. DYI marketing can be quite affective, and a great way to get started building your brand. However, working with a team will not only help you grow in business but as a creative individual. We love watching our clients succeed. We measure our own success by our client’s ROI and their smiling faces. Ask us how to measure return on marketing + media investments in your web designing business. Come to Ideabar. Own your story.

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