How to Set Viable Marketing Goals

Are your marketing goals in alignment with your business goals? If the answer is no, your business may experience stunted growth. With so much competition, it’s important that you set marketing goals that are measurable, realistic and time-bound. Check out these tips and tricks for setting marketing goals. If you are looking for a leading digital media agency in Miami, FL, our South Florida-based agency can help you set and achieve the marketing goals you’ve been dreaming of.

Define Your Goals Specifically

Where do you want to see growth in your business? Do you want more website visitors? Are you looking for more leads? Or is your social media following not much to brag about? Once you figure out what area you want to work on, start defining specific goals. It’s not enough to want more leads, website visitors or social media followers. Put a number to your goals. How many more website visitors do you want? Do you want 100 new visitors? That’s great! Now what are you going to do to get those visitors?

Create Your Plan

Now that you know how many more visitors you want, look at your time frame for getting the visitors, and what budget needs to be put into your marketing strategy. Consider the following when creating your marketing goals:

  • How much revenue do you need to generate from inbound marketing efforts?
  • How many sales do you need to hit?
  • How many leads do you need to hit to achieve your sales goals?
  • How much website, social media, or in-person traffic do you need?
  • Set quarterly benchmarks and analyze your progress. Adjust as necessary.


The truth is, defining marketing goals to align with business growth takes serious time and planning. If you’re not able to devote the necessary time to this aspect of your business, consider hiring a digital media agency in Miami, FL. Ideabar is a South Florida-based marketing and media agency, and we are passionate about telling valuable brand stories in powerful ways.

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