How Social Media Can Help You During Brand Crisis

Social media comes with its own set of unique problems for businesses. However, it can be used to help companies mitigate and overcome negative PR when a crisis happens. As one of the top advertising agencies in West Palm Beach, FL, Ideabar is fluent in all media. Together we can help your brand implement a crisis response plan and solve potential problems. But first, let’s start with a few tips and tricks.

Early Warning System

Social media comments and complaints can help your company see a crisis coming. If your business responds quickly, it can avert a crisis. This means that you must pay attention to social media mentions and decide which are indicative of a serious issue and which are from a few angry people (hit the road, internet trolls!). One person doesn’t make a crisis, but he or she can signal its start.

Three Parts of the Response

Social media can help spread information and show that steps are being taken. An effective response will begin with a quick message, often a sincere apology, which will be followed up by more communications regarding the problem and the action the company is taking to rectify the situation. When in doubt, be kind and direct (one of Ideabar’s core values). If the apology isn’t sincere or the company doesn’t take appropriate action, the crisis will continue.

Don’t Cause a Crisis

The best way to get ahead of a crisis is to not have one. While many crises can be avoided by simply doing the right thing, some will happen when a company does something well-meaning but misreads the consequences. If you are searching for advertising agencies in West Palm Beach, FL, Ideabar is passionate about telling valuable brand stories in powerful ways. We can help you improve your brand image and strengthen your digital presence. Meet us for a “Happy Hour.” The ideas are on us!



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