Ideabar Helps West Palm’s Oldest Business Get A 21st Century Makeover

Ideabar Helps West Palm’s Oldest Business Get a 21st Century Makeover…

In the years since Anthony’s opened its first shoe-and-clothing store on Clematis Street in 1895, hemlines have gone up, necklines have gone down, and corsets have gone the way of the horse and  buggy.

The pace of commerce picked up considerably, too, but for a family business founded on face-to-face interactions, the World Wide Web seemed like a wild frontier.

“We knew we needed to go there, but we didn’t know how to do it,” said Pope Anthony, president of the ladies apparel chain, which now sells tunics and crop pants at 14 stores across Florida.

In 2013, Anthony’s turned to Ideabar for advice.

“We all felt very comfortable with the Ideabar team,” Anthony said. “My thinking after that initial meeting was maybe it was a good time to move forward with all our advertising and put it under  one umbrella.”

The result: a new ecommerce site ( and a rebranding of Anthony’s stores to match.

“We knew we needed to go there, and Ideabar delivered.” POPE ANTHONY, president of the Anthony’s Ladies Apparel chain, on setting his sights on his 122-year-old business’ need for ecommerce success.


Upgraded merchandise to reflect the refreshed brand. New stores. And, most importantly, a previously untapped stream of revenue.

In 2016, Anthony’s rang up almost $600,000 in sales online, and Pope Anthony expects that total to almost double this year.

“Ideabar has taught us a lot about digital advertising,” he said, “and they’ve been outstanding teachers as they’ve moved this 122-year-old company into the future.”

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