5 keys to designing creative that converts

unicorn creative that converts

How do you design creative that converts?

It’s a balancing act. You want to create ads that are, well, creative. But without conversions, what’s the point?

Ideabar’s creative director, Tonya Speciale, recently spoke to local advertisers about how you, too, can produce creative that converts (like the work in our portfolio, seen here).

Here are her five best takeaways:

  1. Know your audience.

    First of all, consider your audience. Because if you don’t know who you’re talking to, how will you know what to say? Just think: You wouldn’t speak to your child the same way you would your boss (unless your boss is a child, but that’s another story…).

    • Know who you’re speaking to.
    • Know how to reach them.
    • Know what to say.
    • Know what makes your customers love you and why they became fans.
  2. Make a promise, keep a promise. 

    Have you ever felt cheated when you read the fine print of an ad — or even the not-so-fine print? Consumers are smart, and they don’t enjoy being duped. As a result, you’ve got to remember:

    • If you say “special offer,” really make it a special offer.
    • If you say you’re the best in a category, back up your claim.
    • If you say you’re a painter, you better be a painter.
    • Therefore, the bottom line is this: say what you mean and mean what you say.
  3. Coordination is key…:

    …and consistency is the name of the game.

    • If your digital ads drive traffic to a website, make sure the website creative is consistent with the ads.
    • You’ve worked hard to develop a brand identity. So make it work hard for you. Keep all aspects of your brand — logo, taglines, colors, fonts — consistent on all platforms.
    • Targeting ad and retargeting ads serve two very different purposes. So, while those two types should be identifiable as being in the same brand family, they should look different. (Think fraternal twins.)
  4. Get social.

    Well, this should go without saying. Everyone is social these days — even introverts! Your ads should be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too. Also, you might even have fun with it!

  5. Be a unicorn.

    Finally, what makes your brand stand out? Celebrate that. Capitalize on this uniqueness whenever you can. And repeatedly ask yourself, “Why do people need to believe in my brand? Why should they know it?”

In conclusion, you’ve got a greater starter set of tools to use for designing creative that converts.

Best of all, you’ve got your unique self. So get out there, you unicorn, you!



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