Why promote fun at work? Higher productivity, lower turnover

Well, it’s that time of year again—International Fun at Work Day!

So, naturally, you arrived at work today to find your office space covered in confetti. Your coworker, Carl, was wearing a whimsical hat/fake mustache combo. And your manager had planned exciting activities throughout the day.

Sound familiar? Probably not. That’s because International Fun at Work Day is overlooked in most workplaces.

Just like fun in general.

While confetti and novelty ‘staches are neither necessary (nor encouraged) in an office, having fun every once in a while in the workplace should be.

Researchers have shown that fun at work can result in higher productivity and lower rates of turnover. It can increase levels of motivation and creativity, and result in higher job satisfaction

And, they’ve found that fun activities at work can improve office relations by building trust and collaboration among coworkers.

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Gather in the conference room — it’s Game Day!

What may seem like a simple game of departmental Pictionary can actually serve as an effective team-building exercise.

After all, how can you not bond with coworkers after they are able to guess the word “ski goggles” despite your horrendous illustration and limited knowledge of winter sport accessories?

It really isn’t hard to have fun at work. 

Here at Ideabar, we enjoy balancing the serious and the fun.

We schedule departmental meetings/picnics under giant kapok trees. Surprise coworkers on their birthdays with cake (and the occasional key lime pie). Gather for non-mandatory happy hours. And enjoy a daily 4 p.m. song (or two).

Now you may think that working in an advertising agency affords us a more flexible, creative environment that fosters this kind of fun. And that may be true. (Aren’t ad agencies required by law to feature photos of employees playing Ping Pong on their websites?)

But no matter the level of formality in your workplace, there are plenty of simple ways to inject a little bit of fun from time to time.

Whether in the form “white elephant” gift exchanges, Christmas cookie swaps or Hawaiian shirt days, a little levity in the office can have a big impact on employee morale.

So the next time Carl suggests purchasing a life-sized Jenga set for the office, don’t scoff. Carl just might be a productivity expert in a hat-and-‘stache disguise.


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