Ideabar’s twist on brainstorming? We call it a Happy Hour

Come on, get happy!

Need help in the digital space? Looking to develop your social media presence? Want to improve your brand’s messaging, gain insight through custom data or explore experiential marketing?

We welcome you to take a seat at Ideabar, Palm Beach where we offer complimentary marketing consultations in a room outfitted with funky furniture, a whiteboard wall and a life-size sculpture of a lime green cow. Or, we can bring the session to you from our Austin or Atlanta locations.

We call these brainstorming sessions ‘Happy Hours’ because the ideas are on the house! Clients have been known to kick off their shoes, and more than one client has referred to their time on the Ideabar couch as a productive “marketing therapy session.”

We explore the many dimensions of your business, identifying your points of differentiation, addressing your challenges and targeting your goals.

We empower you with the essential information needed to build a strong brand foundation, allowing you to make informed decisions on the direction and future of your business.

Over the past three years, we’ve conducted Happy Hours for hundreds of clients, new and prospective: luxury real estate, retail and restaurants; health care providers and luxe home stores; private schools and nonprofits; law firms, insurance agencies and banks; and even a toymaker.

We brainstorm with business goals in mind — $5 million in annual sales, 300 units sold, a 100-student increase in enrollment.

Ideas flow. A buzz of creativity fills the air. Design thinking and strategic planning ignites.

And then, together, we concoct a top-shelf recipe for success, whether that means a different approach to digital advertising, a social media takeover, a custom microsite or a brand overhaul.

It’s fun! And bonus: It’s hangover-free.

Contact us today to schedule a Happy Hour for your business.

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