Ideabar creatives go on safari and track down inspiration

ideabar lion country safari

The Ideabar creative team donned their thinking caps after going on a Lion Country Safari.

The most valuable agency creatives are those whose imaginations naturally run wild.

Those employees naturally think of envelope-pushing ideas. It’s simply part of their DNA.

But a little in-person inspiration never hurts. That’s why Lion Country Safari graciously invited Ideabar’s artists, designers, photographers and writers to explore the drive-through park.

The field trip laid the groundwork for a 50th anniversary campaign that celebrated Lion Country’s most popular residents and its ability to bring guests nose to bill with ostriches.

“Visiting Lion Country as a team gave us a common bank of experiences that helped inspire and shape our creative in the most unique way,” said Tonya Speciale, creative director of the West Palm Beach advertising agency.

ideabar lion country safari

Ideabar copywriter Staci Sturrock (left) and creative director Tonya Speciale meet Sir Lancelot at Lion Country Safari. Designer Jorge Gomez awaits his audience with the tortoise.

Those experiences included petting a 93-year-old tortoise, brushing a 4,300-pound rhino and feeding a 15-foot-tall giraffe.

“We were able to build connections with the animals by being so close to them,” said digital designer Daniel Sauceda.

Then it was time to get creative.

Sauceda created ads showing a giraffe reading over a little girl’s shoulder and a flamingo dancing with a young ballerina.

The most valuable part of the day may have been the insight provided by head curator Brian Dowling. The veteran Lion Country employee loves his job almost as much as the park’s chimps love their annual visits from Santa.

Copywriter Staci Sturrock then sprinkled Dowling’s often humorous anecdotes throughout her personality profiles of Lion Country residents.

“The stars of Lion Country Safari are the zebras, oryxes and ostriches,” Sturrock said.

“To spend time with them – like a guest would – guided us along the creative path from beginning to end.”

As a result, the team created campaigns that brought readers, mobile users and drivers one step closer to Lion Country residents.

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