Digital Marketing – 3 Tips for Goal Setting

The digital marketing landscape continues to mushroom worldwide – and in Palm Beach County. Consider: In 2016, advertisers invested $511 million in local online marketing within the West Palm Beach DMA. This year, analysts project a 23 percent increase in local digital advertising, ringing up the 2017 total to $630 million.


But how do you set the table for a successful digital campaign? You set the right goals up front. If you skip goal-setting, it will be very difficult to track performance and make the necessary optimizations required for success.


What kind of goals should you set for your campaign?

Goals that are measurable: In order to create an actionable goal, there must be some form of measurable success.

Is the goal to acquire X number of new clients within X timeframe? Is it to sell $X amount in products or services? Or maybe it’s to get X number of event attendees. If the goal is branding, it might be a certain amount of website traffic.

Whatever the specifics are, make sure to spell out the desired result up front with actual metrics attached so that a true ROI can be measured.


Goals that are attainable: Avoid setting yourself up for failure by making sure you have enough time, budget and strategies to achieve your goal.

Start by considering the buying cycle for your product or service. How much time and research are necessary before someone makes the decision to engage with your company? Is it something that can be purchased on impulse or is it a large purchase that takes a great need or requires planning? Once you understand the sales cycle from the buyer’s perspective, you can evaluate your internal sales cycle: How many phone calls and leads do you need to get an appointment? How many appointments do you need to acquire a new client? What is the lifetime value of a new client?

Understanding these factors will help determine how much budget and time is required to meet the campaign goals.


Goals that are trackable: Finally, it’s important to leverage tracking technologies to determine the success of your digital marketing.

Having access to data is critical for any marketing campaign as it provides valuable insight that can not only prove the success of the campaign but can also prevent wasted dollars on ineffective targeting/strategies.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for tracking website data and campaign performance as it provides a granular view of each tactic/creative as well as website conversions. Call tracking also is important for connecting online/offline interactions, and a unique number can be used for each campaign tactic.


Establishing digital goals that are measureable, trackable and attainable will provide direction for your marketing campaigns. And when you pair the right digital goals with the proper strategies and tactics, your campaign will be structured for great results and a positive return on investment.

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Market Totals in West Palm Beach-Fort Pierce FLBased on R2 2016 data – (c) 2017 Borrell Associates

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