Facebook Advertising – 5 Tips to Maximize Your Campaign Budget

Facebook is one of the fastest growing advertising platforms and it’s no wonder why. Thanks to all of the information users give Facebook on a daily basis, the targeting capabilities are unsurpassed by any other marketing platform. Ideabar and Cox Media Group have managed hundreds of Facebook campaigns for clients from a wide variety of industries including: education, retail, real estate, healthcare, CPG, legal and many more.

We’ve taken our experience with all of these campaigns and compiled our top five tips for Facebook Advertising.

  1. Establish a clear campaign path.

    Over 80% of all Facebook usage is conducted in-app on a mobile device, so your campaign landing page must be mobile friendly, easy to navigate and designed for conversion. Having clear goals and digital success metrics is critical to getting a return on investment.

    Did You Know: Google UTMs and other tracking URLs tend to not work too well with Facebook ad campaigns due to a large amount of the ads being served in-app. To get the most insight on campaign performance, we recommend a unique landing page so that all interaction can be tracked.
  2. Use thumb-stopping creative.

    With Facebook advertising, it all comes down to the creative that’s being used. We’ve found the most success with campaigns that use interesting photographs that include people. Facebook is a social space, which means the more social your imagery is, the more likely it is to catch someone’s attention and stop their thumb from scrolling. Whenever possible, it’s best to use your own photography instead of stock photos. For best performance, minimal to no text should be on the image. To find out if your ad has too much text, use the Facebook Text Overlay tool.

  3. Socialize your message.

    You want to make sure your message is engaging and interesting to the audience you’re targeting. Social media allows for more casual, thought provoking messaging and if the audience fits, even consider adding emoticons to your ad. Short, impactful statements tend to perform better.

  4. Never stop testing.

    A/B testing is critical to all digital advertising campaigns but it’s especially crucial for Facebook. For every campaign we recommend testing either the image, messaging, or call-to-action. Based on budget and data the run times for these tests will vary but constantly analyzing the data and making adjustments is the only way to guarantee your campaigns get maximum ROI.

  5. Budget wisely.

    Lastly, it takes time, money and data to optimize a campaign to its potential. You will want to have a large enough budget to run multiple targeting strategies with A/B testing. The larger the budget, the less ramp up time you will need to start making adjustments but typically plan for 30-60 days.

Facebook is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of advertising, it requires experience, testing and time. When done well, it is one of the best performing and cost-effective digital advertising strategies available.  For more information on Facebook advertising and how Ideabar can help you maximize your advertising budget, contact us today.

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